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Exploring Emotionally Durable Business Models for Sustainable Fashion

Published onJun 21, 2023
Exploring Emotionally Durable Business Models for Sustainable Fashion

Richard A. Martina1,*, Sophie Hernmarck1, Juan Francisco Alvarado1

1Centre for Applied Research on Economics and Management, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

*[email protected]


Fast fashion is one of the most destructive industries to our climate. Circularity is a prominent solution, and circular business models (CBMs) should help fashion firms lower their negative environmental impact. However, transitioning to CBMs is challenging as consumers lack knowledge and understanding of sustainable fashion, which leads to lack of adoption of sustainable apparel. Consumers are irrational and engage their emotions in making purchases. Nevertheless, there is little understanding of how CBMs evoke emotions. Therefore, in this study, we explore how CBMs in sustainable fashion can be emotionally durable. Based on twenty-two semi-structured interviews with consumers in the Netherlands and Sweden, we found that CBMs evoke both positive and negative emotions. Whereas CBMs based on recycling evoke contentment and love through their value proposition, product durability arouses love through their value creation. CBMs based on access awaken happiness, anger, and love. CBMs based on resale evoke contentment, happiness, and love through their value proposition, and anger through value creation. We contribute to the literature on CBMs by showing how they can evoke desired emotions through their different dimensions, and we draw implications for fashion firms.


Circular business model, Emotion, Sustainable fashion 

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